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At Watman & Worth Web Ltd, our passion (not surprisingly), is websites!

We love designing awesome websites, developing cutting edge software and working closely with our clients to build long-lasting relationships as well as successful businesses.

Our goal with every project is to;

  • Understand your business, brand and online goals, coupled with research of your competitors, consumers and industry.
  • Create an intuitive, user-friendly website design to represent and effectively showcase your brand.
  • Build an optimised, responsive website, delivering your products and services direct to your target audience.
  • Support your online business, empowering you with the knowledge and tools for you to thrive.

We have the pleasure of working across a diverse range of industries, forging each project forward on the grounds of solid working relationships with our clients.

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Web Design and Development


Website Specification

What type of website do you need?

Understand the features and functionality you may require to run your online business.

Whatever you need, we can build!

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Understand the types of website

We design and develop a never-ending range of websites, each unique in its own right.

We work with you to determine the requirements of your website, and what you need for your online users.

You may require a simple showcase of your services or a place where users can easily browse and purchase products.

Perhaps you need something more interactive, or the ability to deliver services directly online.

Rather than be bound by the restrictions of 3rd party or template websites, our EOS platform gives us complete flexibility to create your website from the ground up for your specific requirements.

It also ensures you have the freedom to further develop your website as your business grows and expands.

Watman Worth Websites

Brochure Website Design

Brochure Websites

The base of any website is the brochure system. Perfect for service, venue and information showcases, online portfolios and business websites.

A brochure website generally requires;

  • Strong branding and user-friendly design
  • Intuitive menus and navigation.
  • Service, information, and enquiry pages.
  • Online forms, image and media galleries.
  • News, blogs, and social media integration.
  • Excellent SEO and content structure.

As the online portal to your business, your brochure website should be optimised for your audience in order to increase conversions, turning visitors into customers.

Brochure websites, although simple in functionality, should be well-structured and offer an effective representation of your business, brand, and services.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce & Online Stores

An extension to the base brochure features, ecommerce websites allow you to sell your products and services direct to your customers.

Online stores and ecommerce websites require;

  • User-friendly product, category, service and purchase pages.
  • Effective browsing and on-site search facilities.
  • Secure ordering, checkout and payment gateway.
  • Efficient stock, and customer management
  • Order processing, invoicing and reporting.

Ecommerce websites should be furnished with all of the features and tools you require to offer your customers the best possible user experience.

You should also have everything you need to manage your business effectively, complete with a comprehensive management suite, reporting and analytical insights.

Ecommerce Features

Ecommerce Feature Systems

You may require a more process driven ecommerce system to provide your users with specific features and streamline your internal management.

Some examples of process ecommerce features include;

  • Booking systems, for reservations, events, appointments, classes, and courses.
  • Member subscription websites - enabling users to subscribe to services/content with monthly/annual payments
  • Product Customisation - allowing users to design and personalise items with live previews
  • Trade and Wholesale Features - complete with user credit accounts and account specific price lists

We build completely tailored ecommerce systems to aid you in managing your online business processes.

These come complete with all the resources, reporting and communication tools you require.

Directory Websites

Directories & Listings

Some well known examples of "directory" websites include, Facebook, e-Bay, Rightmove, Indeed, Trip Advisor, Yell, the list is endless. If you have an idea and a target audience, we can build it.

Some examples of directory websites include;

  • News and blogging websites
  • Business Directories - enabling businesses to promote their services
  • Events and activity promotions (with optional booking systems)
  • Directory listings for classifieds, property listings or recruitment
  • Social networking, dating and collaborative systems

You can create directory websites for your listings only, or allow users to publish their own profiles and listings with great features such as onboard messaging, subscriptions and much more.


Business Applications

Business Applications

We build web-based applications for businesses looking to streamline internal processes, staff management or customer relations and online experience.

Some examples of business applications include;

  • CRMs & HR Software - to manage your leads, customers, employees, and marketing. With integrated automated correspondence and progress tracking, you can deal with customers efficiently for the best possible user experience.
  • Job Control & Scheduling Systems - manage your appointments and job allocations, schedule work-flow and assign staff for maximum efficiency.
  • Warehouse Management - manage storage locations with capacity allocation, stock reporting and photograph, container and client referencing.

If you have day to day activities that would benefit from streamlined management systems, or would like to enhance your customer relations, we can build bespoke tools empowering you to maximise your efficiency.

Bespoke Website Development

Bespoke Developments

Completely customised website systems that require that extra functionality to make you stand out or improve your processes.

Some examples of bespoke developments include;

  • Educational and Online Training Facilities - online courses with tutorial and assessment features. Offer media-rich educational content along with certification and managed accounts.
  • White-labelling - 3rd party sale and distribution of your products and services through white-label sites, allowing your affiliates to brand their website and maintain the sale of your stock/courses/services.

We have worked on marketplace websites, property and hospitality systems, recruitment platforms, social networks and educational software.

Adapting and applying our developments across a whole host of industries, we are always excited to work with new sectors, unique creatives and growing businesses.


Website Design & Development

What makes a great website?

Understand everything you need from a professional website development.

We've got you covered

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Our approach to the design and development of your website

A website is the online portal to your business and the key showcase of your brand.

It must clearly communicate who you are, what you offer, and what sets you apart from the competitors in your industry.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business, competitors and target audience, we begin the process of translating your brand, goals and objectives into an effective online user experience.

We bring together;

  • Creative perspective of design, branding and expression
  • Functional considerations of user journey and conversions
  • Technical aspects of website security, performance and search engine optimisation



Business Branding

Branding & Design

Your business branding and website design should be clear, consistent and speak directly to your target audience.

When designing your business website, we work with you to;

  • Ensure your brand effectively represents your company values and ethos.
  • Create an online experience consistent with your brand.
  • Design an engaging showcase of your products and services

We work to communicate your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience as part of a stunning website design.

Website User Experience

User Experience

A positive user experience on your website is crucial to ensuring your visitors can find what they are looking for, quickly and easily.

When building your website, in order to develop a successful user journey, we ;

  • Create easy to use, intuitive navigation, directing users efficiently around your website.
  • Optimise pages with clear calls to action, leading visitors through your process.
  • Structure your content, so it is engaging and easy to consume for users.

We ensure that your website is built and optimised for conversions, in order to turn visitors into customers.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

With the growing majority of people using mobile and tablets to browse online, your website must perform effectively across all devices.

As we develop your website, we factor the cross-device experiences with;

  • Optimised content rendering to maintain efficient load speeds.
  • Prioritised actions and navigation to guide your visitors clearly and effectively.
  • Translate your layout and design to deliver a consistent experience across all devices.

All our websites are fully optimised for mobile & tablet devices, ensuring a seamless user experience and ultimately helping improve your search engine rankings and website conversions.

Website Hosting

Secure, high speed hosting

Quality, high-speed, reliable website hosting is essential to your business. Your website and data must be secure, regularly backed-up, and fully compliant.

We use UK Servers, providing;

  • Fully secure PCI DSS Compliant Hosting.
  • 99.99% website uptime, unrivalled security with SSL Certification.
  • Multiple back up points, daily and weekly, on a rolling 3 month basis.
  • Internal database back-ups’ for up to 18 months.

Quite simply, we take a best practice approach to ensuring that your website and your data are 100% safe.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

A great website is nothing, if it's not getting found. The optimisation of your website is essential to ensure that search engines can find, index and deliver your web pages in results.

We furnish your website with a powerful SEO core;

  • Automated and manual SEO tools allowing for per-page optimisation
  • Auto-generated, customisable XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Clean coding with automatic media compression and optimised content delivery.

Each of our websites are primed for outstanding search engine performance, empowering you to implement your keyword and SEO strategy effectively.

Content Management System

Powerful Content Management

You need a comprehensive CMS allowing you to manage and update your website content.

Our EOS CMS - complete control of your website;

  • Browser-based admin area, to update at any time with no need for downloads or installation.
  • Unrivalled flexibility with unlimited webpages, layout management and design suite.
  • Feature rich with interactive online forms, ecommerce management, reporting and analytics
  • SEO & social media integration to streamline your marketing and promotional activities

The EOS Content Management System provides you with a power-house of editing tools to ensure your website is always up-to-date and presented professionally.


A website system to power your online presence

EOS Website Platform

Limitless potential for custom website development, with unrivalled flexibility for design and functionality.

Content Management has never been easier

We build every website onto the EOS Content Management System, allowing you to manage your content and promote your business effectively.

The EOS CMS is fully loaded with tools to make your content editing and website management easy, stress-free and insightful.

Manage, Promote & Evolve

We also provide you with important tools which allow you to promote your website, optimise your content for search engines and gain useful insights into your online performance.

Your website is future proofed, as we run global updates, meaning whenever we make new tools and features for the EOS CMS, they are made available to your website as part of our ongoing developments.

Watman Worth Websites

Online EOS CMS

Online CMS

Through one, easy-to-use, online portal you can manage everything, from your website content, products, and promotions to customers, orders, reporting and SEO.

The portal into your online presence;

  • Browser-based online portal, allowing you to log in from anywhere at any time
  • Manage all content, products and media, with easy search and navigation
  • Complete ecommerce system to manage customers, orders, reporting and invoicing
  • SEO management to effectively optimise your website for search engines
  • Design suite to update your images, media, layout, style, and design
  • Social media scheduling and publication tools
  • User management and multi-admin editing supported
  • Analytics, insights, tracking and reporting

Your admin suite gives you complete control and flexibility to effectively manage and promote your website.

Stress Free Website Management

Stress-Free Management

Your admin area allows you to easily search, navigate and edit your content. We also furnish you with a great selection of management tools to keep on top of your content.

Editing made easy with;

  • Real-time desktop and mobile previews to ensure the best user experience across all devices
  • Page editing checklist to mark off your tasks as you complete them
  • Image, Video and Media galleries
  • Content notes and internal categorisation
  • Content search and customisable browsing overviews
  • Clone existing pages and layouts for quick setups
  • CSV Import/Export (ideal for bulk product updates)
  • Full screen editing mode
  • Font styling and formatting
  • Easy link insertion and formatting

With the EOS CMS, your content management is simple, flexible and stress-free.

Website Development at Watman Worth

Websites Built for Purpose

Your website will be high performance, optimised and fully loaded with all of the tools you need to thrive online.

EOS delivers a high quality experience for you and your users;

  • Fully responsive websites for desktop and mobile devices
  • Fully secure systems with SSL Certification and verified device login
  • High speed hosting for optimal website performance
  • Onboard CRM and customer management
  • Live Chat - to liaise directly with your customers
  • Customer Reviews - with admin authorisation
  • Interactive Online Forms - for data collection, marketing and service processin

This is just a small selection of important features, however, our unique modular system allows us to create your website system and design to your exact requirements.

We love getting creative and always enjoy a challenge.

Your website content management

Complete with 1-2-1 training and support resources, you will be a website pro in no time.

Your website will offer your customers and visitors the best possible user experience, and provide you with everything you need to run your online business efficiently and effectively. From day to day management, to customer relations, insights and reporting, we've got you covered.

Explore all of the features that EOS brings to your website.

EOS Website CMS

Responsive web design


How we work

We don't just build your website

The launch of your website is just one part of building a successful business

We're with you every step of the way

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We work with you to create the perfect website

Through a process of understanding your target audience, industry and competitors, we research and plan every step of your website development.

Working with you to refine your branding and online user experience, our goal is to provide the ideal digital portal for your business.

Together, we will focus on the design and development of your website, producing an essential tool for your business to thrive.

We work with you to strategise the optimal marketing and promotional avenues for your business and furnish you with support and resources for every step of your journey.

Watman Worth Websites

Online EOS CMS

Research, Specification & Quote

At this first stage, our aim is to understand everything about you and your business.

We will discuss your ideas, website requirements and goals to gain a complete picture of what we need to achieve from your project.

Following our discussion and some initial research, we will produce a proposal including;

  • Our understanding of your business, services and industry sector, along with what we are aiming to achieve
  • An outline of your target audience and competitors
  • A breakdown of your current online presence and key avenues for promotional activities
  • Website key features and requirements
  • A specification of your website and content management system
  • Examples of related work
  • Project cost, terms and timescales

Once we have agreed the specification and the project has been actioned, we can officially welcome you on board and get stuck into the first stages of development.

Website Design

Planning, Concept & Design

Drawing from our initial research, we now work with you to plan the structure of your website and build this into a functional working concept.

We share with you a development platform link on which you can see your website being built, discuss and provide feedback at each stage.

During this stage, we will work together to;

  • Produce the design, branding and colour scheme for your website
  • Build the initial layout and structure to demonstrate the user experience and website flow
  • Decide on the navigation and core page types required
  • Plan your content creation with you, and what needs to be produced for your pages
  • Select appropriate imagery and media content
  • Choose the right fonts, sizing and display style
  • Evaluate the initial concept in line with the project goals

In summary, this stage is dedicated to the design, look and feel of the website. This allows us to see the core features in the context of your branding and gain a true reflection of the user experience.

Build & Development

Once we have our initial concept in place, we will proceed to build and integrate all of the key features and functionality required for the website.

This will all be done on the live development link, allowing you to test, discuss and provide feedback as we work.

The development stage includes;

  • Core features such as ecommerce, booking systems, blogs and directories will be built into the website
  • The website will be fully integrated onto your EOS Content Management System
  • Registration processes, account areas and user processes will be implemented
  • The website will be developed and adapted for responsive display across mobile and tablet devices
  • All processes will be tested and reviewed together as part of this process
  • We will discuss and implement feedback to finalise the complete working flow of the website

Seeing your ideas come together into a fully functional website is one of the most exciting parts of this process. Communication is key and we value your input at every stage.

Web Design

Content & Training

Once your website is built, it's time to get you behind the wheel. This is where we introduce you to your admin area and work with you to get your website populated with all of your content.

During this stage, we will;

  • Provide 1 to 1 Training - either in person or via telephone on screen share
  • Advise on content structure, keyword research and optimisation
  • Help with SEO - to ensure you can effectively communicate your content purpose and intention to users and search engines
  • Assist with page layouts and optimal content placement and user experience
  • Furnish you with online guides, resources and checklists to assist with your website management
  • Review content pages with you to make sure your content is being delivered in the most effective way possible

Whilst you become a website pro and populate your website with content, we will work with you to ensure you achieve the look and feel for your content, service and product pages.

Website Launch

Once your website is populated with your content, it's time to begin your launch preparations.

Our launch process includes;

  • Moving your website to the live server under holding page.
  • Comprehensive live testing of all features, functions and processes.
  • Design evaluation and responsive testing.
  • Implementing feedback and required modifications.
  • Ensuring your website is optimised for search engines
  • Review with you, your marketing and promotional plans
  • Submission to major search engines for indexing
  • Installation of Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor traffic and behaviour on your website
  • Pressing the button for the big reveal and launching your website to the online masses

We will be with you through every step of your scheduled website launch, ensuring that you have any assistance you require as well as help and support moving forward.

Stress Free Website Management

Ongoing Support

Once your website is live, we continue to support you.

We support you with;

  • Ongoing Support - telephone, email and in-person support
  • PCI DSS Compliant, High-Speed Servers - website hosting with complete security and optimal performance
  • Global Updates - keeping you furnished with the latest website tools and features
  • SSL Certification and verified device login
  • Ongoing Routine Backups of all websites, emails and databases
  • Email Hosting and support and domain registration
  • Web Rocket Digital Marketing Guide - free online courses to help your business, branding and online presence
  • Future Developments - evolving your website with you as times and requirements change

We are here to assist with every aspect of your online presence, ensuring that you have everything you need to manage and promote your business.


Featured Projects

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Interactive map based tourism app with GPS tracking, quizzes and iRecord

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Online conveyancing, survey & mortage website with instant quote engines

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Ecommerce food producer website

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Brochure style restaurant website with booking system

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Brochure style showcase & portfolio website

Our web design and development portfolio

We take pride in working across a range of industries, helping our clients to effectively reach their audience, communicate their brand and provide the tools to succeed online.

Working across a variety of industries, we have the true pleasure of exploring the different experiences, requirements and challenges brought by diverse audiences and businesses alike.

If you would like to take a look over more of our projects, please visit our portfolio.


Watman Worth Websites


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Visitors must be able to quickly and easily be able to find the services, products and information they are looking for whether they are using a mobile, tablet, laptop or even that big beautiful full screen!


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