Hosting and Domains

Secure Hosting 

Sorry no fun here, just facts:

High quality reliable website hosting and back up is essential to your business. We have decided that to get the best quality hosting for our clients we use ‘UK Servers’

By using UK Servers we can confidently give clients:

99.99% uptime on their website, unrivalled security, Multiple back up, daily, weekly on a rolling 3 month basis.

And finally internally we keep database back ups’ of all websites for up to 18 months ensuring your website is 100% safe.

Quite simply we take a best practice approach to looking after your website as we know it is key to your businesses success.

“If you do or don’t phone us:

Please, please check with your current supplier to find out the solution they have in place, if they host in-house, check for the procedures they have in place for power loss, internet disruption and data backup, if they don’t have one or don’t store your back up data off site, maybe you should look into a change in hosting provider. To lose your website for an hour, a day or to lose all of the data from your site could be devastating to your business.”

Complaint Procedure and Escalation

If you have a complaint with regards to any aspect of your Hosting or Domain procedure and this cannot be resolved with the member of staff that you are dealing with, then please email: and make your subject FAO William Worth.

William will then contact you within 2 hours of your complaint where possible, however if this is not possible William will contact you as soon as possible within the next 24 hours.

If in the unlikely event that you are not able to resolve the issue and you would like to take this further for domain complaints you can go directly to nominet then please use this link to follow Nominets own complaints procedure: