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Are you a new start-up, looking to prepare for your digital marketing journey? Or an existing business ready to review and improve your current online presence?

We bring you Web Rocket. An interactive, step by step resource, guiding you through your digital marketing process. This FREE online resource is a collaborative project brought to you by industry professionals, sharing expertise in their relevant fields.

Web Rocket covers every aspect of your Digital Marketing, from preparing your business and branding, to building your website, implementing SEO, and planning your content and social media strategy. We also look at Search Engine Marketing, website analytics, email marketing and much more.

We take you through the process with your personal check list, reading lists, guides and downloadable resources in which you can save your progress as you complete each stage. Web Rocket ensures you cover everything you need to know when getting ready to launch a new business or review your existing presence.


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Course Contents

Here you will find a brief overview of what to expect from each stage of the Web Rocket. Each stage has a series of modules which you can follow through to completion, tracking your progress along the way. Once logged in, you will be able to use this area to view your progress overviews, visit your stage action lists and complete your modules.

Business Plan

Review your Web Rocket Journey, discover related content and courses, and benefit from quick access to all of your resources and downloads.

  • Writing your company overview
  • Establishing business goals and KPIs
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Conducting competitor research
  • Exploring industry analysis
  • Understanding SWOT analysis

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan

Whether you are evaluating your current online performance or getting ready to launch a new business, this stage is crucial to success.

  • Creating a website plan and specification
  • Understanding Digital Advertising
  • Exploring SEO and Keyword Research
  • Planning Social Media
  • Email Campaigns and direct marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Business Branding

Business Branding

Your brand is an essential part of your online presence. Learn how to establish a clear and consistent representation of your business.

  • Exploring company logo design ideas
  • Creating your business slogan
  • Identifying your company image and voice
  • Working with colour schemes
  • Explore the use of images and media
  • Decide on the application of your brand

Website Development

Website Development

Understand the process of hiring a web developer, establishing clear expectations and working with them to produce your website. 

  • Creating a website brief / specification
  • Hiring a web designer
  • Purchasing your domain name
  • File sharing and development process
  • Holding Page and email addresses
  • Initial build and feedback communication


Learn how to create effective content, designed to be found and convert. Optimise your website for search engines and your target audience.

  • Working with keywords and site structure
  • Creating content for your pages
  • Creating content for your products
  • Creating news & blogs
  • Images and SEO
  • Off-site content & SEO

Website Training

Content Marketing

Learn how to effectively populate and manage your website. Everything you need to know about your EOS admin area, SEO, and Ecommerce management.

  • Accessing your website admin
  • Company info management
  • Editing pages and products
  • Category management
  • Managing ecommerce features
  • SEO Management

Social Media Prep

Social Media

Use social media tools to enhance your online presence, drive traffic to your website, find and engage with your target audience. 

  • Choosing Social Platforms
  • Content & Social Strategy
  • Create & Optimise Profiles
  • Posting Schedules
  • Social Targeting & Networking
  • Social Media Management

Website Launch

Website Launch

Everything you need to do when preparing to launch your new website. Make sure everything is perfectly presented for your users and search engines.

  • Content Review
  • Links & SEO Checks
  • Ecommerce Testing
  • Mobile Usability
  • Analytics & Search Console
  • Launch Process

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Now you're here, don't fall behind. Follow these steps to keep moving forward with your online presence. Learn, adapt, evolve and grow.

  • Actions from Analytics
  • Social Media, SEO & Content Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Developments
  • Networking & Collaboration

Get involved

The Web Rocket is a collaborative project developed and updated by industry professionals

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Key Areas

  • Branding & Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Content Production & Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Photography & Videography
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Analytics & Campaign Management

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