Website management has never been easier

Our EOS Website Content Management System has been built from the ground up, in house at Watman & Worth Web Ltd to offer unrivalled flexibility for designing, building, and managing your website.

As developers, EOS enables us to constantly evolve the platform with specialised modules to accommodate all and any website project.

Stepping away from the limitations of template building systems, the EOS Website Software provides us with the freedom to create truly unique websites which not only look fantastic but are built for purpose.

We provide you with all of the tools and features you need to be in complete control of your website, layout, content management and online presence, all through one easy to use portal.

Watman Worth Websites

Website Development at Watman Worth

Websites Built for Purpose

From design-lead, showcase brochure websites and ecommerce online stores through to custom software builds, we can furnish your business with the tools to thrive online.

The scope of this tool is endless and can be used to create;

  • Beautiful brochure websites for venues, small businesses and independents
  • Corporate, business, and service driven websites
  • Portfolio and promotional showcase websites
  • Ecommerce websites and online stores of any scale
  • News, events and blogging websites
  • Directory systems for classifieds, property listings or recruitment
  • Social networking, dating and collaborative systems
  • Booking systems, member subscription websites and e-learning software
  • CRMs, HR software, workflow and scheduling systems

This is just a small selection of popular website builds, however, our unique modular system allows us to create your website system and design to your exact requirements.

We love getting creative and always enjoy a challenge.

Online EOS CMS

Online CMS

Through one, easy-to-use, online portal you can manage everything, from your website content, products, and promotions to customers, orders, reporting and SEO.

The portal into your online presence;

  • Browser-based online portal, allowing you to log in from anywhere at any time
  • Fully secure with SSL Certification and verified device login
  • High speed hosting for optimal website performance
  • Manage all content, products and media, with easy search and navigation
  • Complete ecommerce system to manage customers, orders, reporting and invoicing
  • SEO management to effectively optimise your website for search engines
  • Design suite to update your images, media, layout, style, and design
  • Fully responsive for desktop and mobile devices
  • Social media scheduling and publication tools
  • User management and multi-admin editing supported
  • Analytics, insights, tracking and reporting

Your admin suite gives you complete control and flexibility to effectively manage and promote your website.

Stress Free Website Management

Stress-Free Management

Your admin area allows you to easily search, navigate and edit your content. We also furnish you with a great selection of management tools to keep on top of your content.

Editing made easy with;

  • Real-time desktop and mobile previews to ensure the best user experience across all devices
  • Page editing checklist to mark off your tasks as you complete them
  • Content notes and internal categorisation
  • Content search and customisable browsing overviews
  • Clone existing pages and layouts for quick setups
  • CSV Import/Export (ideal for bulk product updates)
  • Full screen editing mode
  • Font styling and formatting
  • Easy link insertion and formatting

With the EOS CMS, your content management is simple, flexible and stress-free.

Content Management

What can my EOS Website CMS do?

Explore the extraordinary flexibility of your website admin area

Have your website, your way!

EOS CMS for your Website

Once your website is designed and built onto your EOS Content Management System, you have a high power portal through which you can manage your content and promote your business effectively.

The EOS CMS is fully loaded with tools to make your content editing and website management easy, insightful and flexible.

Manage, Promte & Evolve

We also provide you with important tools which allow you to promote your website, optimise your content for search engines and gain useful insights into your online performance.

Your website is future proofed, as we run global updates, meaning whenever we make new tools and features for the EOS CMS, they are made available to your website as part of our ongoing developments.

Responsive web design

Website Content Creation

Content Creation

Create and manage UNLIMITED, dynamic and interactive content types with our unique Collation Module.

Populate your website with any type of content you require;

  • Website home page
  • Contact & enquiry pages
  • Service and information pages.
  • Products, categories and sales pages.
  • News articles and blog posts
  • Client portfolios and service showcase
  • Help, support and training indexes
  • Directory listings, business and profile pages
  • Event listings, courses and class timetables
  • Menus, recipes, guides and tutorials

This is to name just a few potential uses for your EOS Content Collations.

These flexible page layouts can be completely customised with an endless number of purpose driven features to suit your needs.

All of your content pages as well as your website as a whole benefit from our powerful SEO Core, which allows you to fully optimise your website and content for Search Engines.

You can find out more about these features in the following SEO section.

Website Tools and Media

Media & Tools

Your website & content types can be furnished with and number of interactive tools and display features to enrich the user experience on your website.

Furnish your website content with;

  • Banner management - Page banners, scrollers, faders and header graphics
  • Media galleries - showcase images, videos and audio
  • Social media tools - add in your timelines and feeds, share buttons and profile links
  • Interactive online forms - for customer enquiries and data collection. Each form has automated email responders with fully customisable email templates
  • Article statistics - including word counts, read time and page views display
  • Support tools - FAQs, live chat and Q&A user submissions
  • Customer reviews - showcase reviews and testimonials (with admin approval process)
  • File attachments and downloadable content
  • Content access controls
  • Related and suggested article listings

These are just a small selection of popular tools available for you to cusomise your on-page website content.

Tailor the features, design and display to effectively communicate the content to your audience.

EOS - Social Media Marketing Tools

Social & Promotional

As you create your content, your EOS CMS empowers you to reach your customers with exciting promotional tools.

Connect with a wider audience using;

  • Social Network Integration - connect your website to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts for seamless automated posting
  • Social Media Manager - customise your pages social media posts with text, links and images
  • Post Optimisation - Tailor your social posting specific to each network for optimal results and engage your audiences
  • Social Post Scheduler - create a posting schedule to automatically post out your pages and content at your chosen times and intervals
  • Social Media Logs - automated logging of all social media posting activity
  • Newsletter Sign Up - (fully GDPR Compliant) and CSV data downloads allowing you to stay in touch with your customer base

These fantastic tools are a great time saver and allow you to maintain a reliable and consistent flow of content to your social media channels. You can also set repeat posting for your evergreen content, ensuring it is regularly at the forefront of your audiences mind.

Enjoy the benefits of automated or manual posting and a flexible, optimisaed posting schedule - #awesome


Users & Administraion

Easily manage your customer database and enquiries with your EOS admin suite. Also, manage and maintain your admin users and permissions to ensure the smooth running of your website.

Online storesand ecommerce websites require;

  • Onboard CRM - User and customer account management
  • Contact form and enquiry management
  • Website correspondance emailed directly to you instantly
  • Downloadable form data reports (CSV and on site)
  • Automated email responses - with fully customisable templates
  • Granular admin permissions and admin menu personalisation
  • Admin and user activity logs
  • IP watchlist controls
  • Live Chat admin
  • Customer Review management
  • Holding Page layout and settings
  • Cookies controls and settings

Never miss a lead or enquiry, and make sure your customers are tended to quickly and efficiently.

Manage the customer experience on and off your website with exceptional administration tools.

EOS Website Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Make use of data and insights to constantly improve your website and user experience.

Understand how visitors are using your website with valuable insights and reporting.

Stay up to date and monitor your performance;

  • Fully integrate with Google Analytics for in-depth website performance, traffic and user data
  • Google Adwords & Tag Manager Intergation
  • Website form data reports and CSV export
  • Website user activity logs, landing page and referal data
  • Onsite website traffic and search insights and reporting
  • Popular search insights and destination pages
  • Newsletter sign-up data reports
  • Social Media posting logs and reports

As well as these standard insights and reporting, our ecommerce websites come fully funished with additional order and stock reporting as well as discount code usage and sales reports.

You can find out more about these further on in the ecommerce section.

Bespoke Website Development

Website Features

Your EOS website system comes fully loaded with useful tools and features to enhance the user experience for visitors to your website.

Some examples of useful website features include;

  • Smart Search - allowing visitors to keyword search for content and pages on your website
  • Content filters - categorisation and filters for easy navigation
  • User Accounts - allow users to register and securely log in to their own personal account area on your website. Here they can manage their privacy, details, orders and personal settings.
  • Bookmarks, favourites and wishlists - allowing users to save pages to their account area
  • Live Chat - allowing your visitors to speak with you directly for queries and assistance

These are just a small selection of the standard features which are a part of your EOS website system.

We have 100's of custom modules and tools for ecommerce and bespoke builds which can be added in to suit the needs and requirements for your website.

We'll explore more of these further on.

Search Engine Optimisation

Powerful SEO Core

Discover our fantastic SEO Tools to help get your website ranking in Google

Reach a wider audience with great SEO!

SEO features in your EOS CMS

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of ensuring that your website is relevantly optimised and targeted to your audience, and that it can be read, indexed and delivered to users by search engines such as Google and Bing.

You can learn more about what SEO is here >>

SEO and Content Optimisation is key to effectively ranking in Search Engines. Getting your website found and securing strong relevant traffic is vital to achieving a successful online presence.

EOS has been developed with a comprehensive SEO Suite.

This allows you to completely optimise your content for search engines to assist with improving rankings and increasing traffic to your website.

With an integrated SEO core, your website benefits from automatic optimisation, with the added ability for you to override and tailor all of your content SEO to best communicate your pages to search engines.

SEO Tools

Business Branding

Content Optimisation

Perfectly tailor your pages to communicate to search engines to nature and purpose of your content.

Optimise your content using flexible on page tools;

  • SEO title, h1 and meta data overrides
  • Meta image overrides to optimise for social media posting
  • Title and description length indicators
  • Search result snippet previews, allowing you to preview what Google will present
  • Image alt tags and title formatting
  • URL customisation
  • Page XML priority settings

These settings are extremely important to optimise your pages for relevant keywords and topics. Gaining the right traffic is important to increasing your conversions.

Website User Experience

Technical SEO Tools

Your website is fully furnished with structural optimisation tools and mark-up to ensure that search engines can access, understand, prioritise and index each of your website pages.

Optimise your website structure;

  • XML and HTML sitemap manager
  • Schema and rich-data mark-up
  • Website redirects module
  • Website verification manager
  • Dynamic Robots.txt

All tools are fully accessable via your website admin and can be utilised to monitor and improve your performance in search engines.

Responsive Website Design

Useful Integrations

Stay on top of your progress with valuable insights into traffic aquisistion, website flow and usage as well as mobile and desktop performance.

Monitor your performance with;

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Search Console verification
  • Adwords conversion tracking
  • Bulk keyword uploads for tracking and monitoring

Understanding how your website performs is critical to improving and maintaining desired search engine rankings.

Make use of all tools available to constantly evolve and grow your audience, traffic and conversions.

Ecommerce & Online Stores

Ecommerce Website CMS Tools

Everything you need to manage and promote your products and services.

Stand out from the crowd online

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Ecommerce Features

The ecommerce suite empowers you to effectively manage, grow and promote your online store. Benefit from unlimited product / service listings, secure cart and checkout processes and a series of useful website tools that build a fantastic user experience for your website visitors. Take advantage of insights and reporting, stock and order management with a seamless automated customer correspondance flow.

Gain customer confidence with fully PCI DSS compliant hosting and SSL certification on your wesbite to assure that your visitors data and payments are safe and secure.

Limitless ecommerce possibilities

Whilst the details below demonstrate the core features of the system, our ecommerce software offers limitless possibilities for websites that require online payments for any purpose. Whether you are selling products or services, subscriptions or taking bookings, we can tailor the system entirely to your needs and develop a truly unique, purpose-built website.

Ecommerce Websites - EOS

Ecommerce Management

EOS Ecommerce websites are unparalled in flexibility and control for your online store.

Manage your ecommerce website;

  • List unlimited products
  • Product categorisation
  • Product stock control and management
  • Shipping and delivery management
  • Quantity restrictions and minimum purchase options
  • VAT setting controls
  • Bulk updates – on-site or CSV import/export
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Individual product and category SEO

Your online portal allows you to perfectly organise your products and categories. We will set up your system, tailored to your business requirements, ensuring opimal efficiency in your day-to-day management.

Product Features

Product creation couldn't be easier or more flexible. Using our variety of options and quick set-ups, you can publish products commicating all information effectively to your customers.

Create a fantastic product user experience;

  • Product images, viewing galleries and image zoom
  • Product attributes
  • Selectable product options & quantity grids
  • Product price matrix grids
  • Sample Requests
  • Product Personalisation
  • Customer reviews and star ratings
  • Favourites, Bookmarks & Wish list
  • Product Q&A facility
  • Product FAQs
  • Related and recommended products

What ever your product or service, your product pages will be fully loaded with everything you and your customers need.

Ecommerce Website Tools

We ensure a smooth user-experience for your customers, providing tools to help them find what they need quickly and easily.

Website features for your customers;

  • Product Filters – to view products by price range, type, and attributes
  • Smart Search – to easily find products by keywords or code
  • User Account Area
  • Credit accounts and member subscriptions
  • Trade/Wholesale accounts with user price lists
  • Favourites, Bookmarks & Wish list
  • Summary basket/cart
  • Secure Checkout process, including guest checkout
  • Currency Converter
  • Booking Systems for use with reservations, event, course, and class bookings

Giving your customers a smooth and secure experience is paramount to increasing your online conversions.

Website Hosting

Sales & Marketing

Promoting your products and offers is just as important as having an exceptional website.

Encourage sales and conversions with;

  • Discount Codes (site wide, specific categories or products)
  • Bulk Buy discounts
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Gift Voucher System
  • Google Base Feed
  • Product Bundle Offers
  • Shipping discounts & offers
  • Cart abandonment settings and email reminders
  • Product view count

Keep your customers coming back with deals, offers and promotions.

Content Management System

Orders & Reporting

Your ecommerce admin comes complete with everything you need to manage your website orders, invoicing and reports.

Manage your sales process with;

  • Order Management
  • Automated customer correspondence emails for purchase process
  • Automated customisable invoicing
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Order Tracking
  • Order and stock reporting
  • Sales Reports
  • Product review management

All reports and order data is downloadable to CSV, customisable to suit your requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation

Customer Management

Keep up to date with your customer accounts, data and insights to assist in providing the best possible user experience.

Manage your customers with;

  • Customer management system
  • Customer data insights
  • Customer import / export
  • GDPR, privacy and marketing preferences
  • User approvals and suspensions
  • Assume user facility
  • Live Chat

All customer data is stored securely via your EOS CMS. Users will be able to access and update their own preferences and information through their own user accounts.

Bespoke tools

Custom features to build the website you need

EOS website modules allow us to create your website to specification

Whatever you need, we can build

Contact us

Bespoke website development with exceptional functionality

Through years of ongoing development EOS has been the key tool in the production of an extensive range of website platforms and business applications.

Our unique range of components and custom configurations allows us the flexibility to build your website to accommodate all types all online functions and processes.

100's of features to create fully bespoke websites

With EOS, we can produce any type of system you require. From E-Learning Software, Social Networking Platforms, Enterprise Level Ecommerce Websites, Trade and Distributor Sytems as well as Eductional Assessment and Tracking Software.

We can furnish you with online tools such as booking systems, listing and event directories, classifieds and auctions, online calculators, service quotations, product designer tools and much more.

Your company may even benefit from some of our fantastic business applications such as warehouse management, HR software, custom CRMs, staff training and management, job scheduling and resource allocations; the possibilities are endless.

Bespoke Websites

Ecommerce Modules

As an extension to our standard ecommerce facilities, you may wish to enhance your platform by offering more tools and features for your users.

Some examples of ecommerce platofrms include;

  • Product Personalisation - ideal for on t-shirt or clothing customisation, sports and teamwear, uniforms and schoolwear, all with live previews and design editing.
  • Designer Tools - allowing customers to design house signs, print documents, trophy engraving direct onto their products of choice
  • Price Grids - flexible pricing matrix features enabling you to define pricing for products with varying measurements and types (such as curtains and blinds, carpets and materials)
  • Booking Systems - calendar based online bookings for reservations, course and class sign ups, appointments and events.
  • E-Products - allowing users to purchase digital and downloable products such as documents, media and services
  • Membership Subscriptions - renewable website memberships for access to services and restricted content, or to publish user generated content online.
  • Credit Accounts - users can have allocated or purchased credit for use on your website with various limits, restrictions and allowances.
  • Trade & Wholesale - multiple trade price lists for different accounts and user types, bulk purchase rates, discounts and quantity requirements

This small selection of popular website configurations gives you the flexibility to offer a unique experience to your customers designed to the requirements of your ecommerce business.

If you need something specific, we'll be happy to produce a module bespoke to your needs. We'll work with you to put together a detailed specification, outlining exactly what your website needs to do, and how we will go about providing this functionality for you.

Specialist Systems

You may have a specific business idea in mind or your company may require something with extended functionality to bring your concept to your users.

Bespoke builds with something special;

  • Directory Listings - provide an online platform for user-generated content such as business listings and services, classifieds and wanteds, events and venues, recruitment, property and more. Offer on-site search, postcode look-ups and listing filters for fantastic user experience.
  • Social Networking - user messaging, profiles, friend requests and timelines, posting, advertising, hashtags and everything social media. If you have an idea to connect people, we can build you the platform.
  • E-Learning Platforms - online courses with tutorial and assessment features. Offer media-rich educational content along with certification and managed accounts. We can also offer multi-level corporate accounts, allowing top level users to manage the progress of their employees.
  • White-labelling - allow for the 3rd party sale and distribution of your products and services through white-label sites, allowing your affiliates to brand their website and maintain the sale of your stock/courses/services.
  • Service Quotations - if you offer an online service with multiple options and and user-dependant criteria, you may want to offer an online quotation service through which you can deliver an instant estimate to your customers. Great for lead generation and a structured flow that allows you to follow the process through with potential clients.
  • Journey & Progress Tracking - provide your clients with a guided checklist of actions to complete as part of their process on your website. Ideal for services and content which is designed to guide the customer through a set of stages, educating them along the way.

Whatever your business idea, we can create the perfect platform through which to bring your vision to the screen.

Business Applications

Streamline your processes with invaluable business applications. Online portals to effectively manage and monitor clients, customers, staff and resources.

Business application examples include;

  • CRM Software - Customer Relationship Management systems allow you to monitor and manage your service processes, customers and time. We can build a flexible system, specific to your internal processes allowing you to manage leads and enquiries on and off of your website and follow them through your service flow. With integrated automated corresponance and progress tracking, you can deal with customers efficiently for the best possible user experience.
  • HR Systems - for managing your staff holidays, absences, salary and allowances, HR software allows you to maintain an efficient staff database while allowing your employees a designated login to view their information at any time. Offer downloadable updates ensuring that employees are always up to date, and furnish yourself with important insights and reporting.
  • Job Scheduling & Resource Management - manage your appointments and job allocations, schedule work-flow and assign staff for maximum effieciency. Full schedule reporting, employee access and updates. Allocate resources such as assigned vehicles or equipment and monitor time spent on jobs, travel and overall progress.
  • Warehouse Management - manage storage locations with capacity allocation, stock reporting and photograph, container and client referencing. Enable client access for instant individual account monitoring.

Whatever you need to streamline your business, we can help. All systems are fully secure with unlimited users and multi-level access permissions for complete control over your data access. Download all data to custom reports and csv export. Each system is fully connected to your EOS website or can be developed independantly should you wish.

Design Suite

Explore your creativity

For those who love to experiment with design and layout

The EOS Design Suite has it all

Design & Development Tools

The EOS Website Software is a developers dream. Whether you are a designer, integrator or developer, the platform offers a whole layout and design suite allowing you to contruct any website professionally.

We utilise a simple to use layout manager, alowing you to structure the HTML layout of the website with a combination of drag and drop layout cells and components. With full control of colour schemes, CSS, and the fluid layout designer there is no end to the possibilities.


Website Hosting

Layout Management

Quality, high-speed, reliable website hosting is essential to your business. Your website and data must be secure, regularly backed-up, and fully compliant.

We use UK Servers, providing;

  • Website layout manager
  • Product, News, Blog, Directory custom layouts
  • Alternative and secondary layout managers
  • Admin structure and layout control
  • Customisable website menus
  • Customise checkout, cart, and user account pages

Quite simply, we take a best practice approach to ensuring that your website and your data are 100% safe.

Design & Style

A great website is nothing, if it's not getting found. The optimisation of your website is essential to ensure that search engines can find, index and deliver your web pages in results.

We furnish your website with a powerful SEO core;

  • Colour and theme controls
  • Logo and Favicon control
  • Font manager
  • Custom CSS

Each of our websites are primed for outstanding search engine performance, empowering you to implement your keyword and SEO strategy effectively.

Component Library

You need a comprehensive CMS allowing you to manage and update your website content.

Our EOS CMS - complete control of your website;

  • Browser-based admin area, to update at any time with no need for downloads or installation.
  • Unrivalled flexibility with unlimited webpages, layout management and design suite.
  • Feature rich with interactive online forms, ecommerce management, reporting and analytics
  • SEO & social media integration to streamline your marketing and promotional activities

The EOS Content Management System provides you with a power-house of editing tools to ensure your website is always up-to-date and presented professionally.

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