Taking payments through your ecommerce website

Watman & Worth uses a growing number of payment portals, also known as payment gateways, to use within your eCommerce website.

Our global update service will maintain your website systems security to the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

These are the security levels needed to ensure your website meets your duty of care for Data Protection and full compliance, thus avoiding liabilities that can arise with non-compliance and effectively delivering you a corporate security solution.


Other payment portals provided

As well as the major payment portals we include other methods of taking payment through the CMS

These include credit accounts, bank transfer, cheques and pay on delivery/collection, invoice requests and many more.


Most Payment Portal Providers come with a 'test mode' so that you can be assured your transactions will function properly before going live. In addition to this we also offer a TEST payment portal so that you can see the full system in action before you pass it to your clients.