About Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust has worked for over 40 years protecting wildlife and wild places, educating, influencing and empowering people.

They directly manage 18 of the best sites for wildlife in Montgomeryshire and work with other landowners on many more. Their work is helping to secure the future of many important habitats and species, which might otherwise be lost.

The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust were looking for an interactive app to provide an engaging user experience for visitors to the canal. The team wanted to add a digital aspect for visitors and something they could take away and continue to experience and learn about all the location has to offer.
The app needed to be easy to use and appealing to the diverse range of members and visitors, as well as providing an educational and social experience that could be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

Interactive map based tourism app with GPS tracking, quizzes and iRecord

Wildlife Trust Canal Safari App

About the project

We developed a highly interactive Canal Safari experience which uses GPS signal to plot the visitor journey on a beautiful illustrative map of the Montgomeryshire Canal. As the visitor walks along the canal, the app notifies them of nearby nature-themed points of interest, delivers facts, educational information and beautiful photography.
As part of the development, we built in bilingual functionality, allowing the team to deliver the app to visitors in both English and Welsh.
Visitors are alerted to nearby species locations as they venture along the canal. This allows them to spot, identify and record the wildlife found at those locations. The Canal Safari App provides at-a-glance facts and more detailed information on over 60 of the plants and animals most associated with the canal. It also signposts users to the nine Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves located just off the towpath or nearby. It also shows access points and parking locations which link up with Google Maps making planning trips to different spots on the canal a breeze.
The app also has a strong conservation function at its heart. The Montgomery Canal in Powys is one of the best places in the world for a rare aquatic plant called Floating Water-plantain. Kingfishers are frequently seen here, and it’s also a stronghold for Otters, a species currently experiencing worrying declines.
Anyone using the app is able to photograph and record a sighting, which is uploaded directly to iRecord. This is the national online species recording system where entries are collated and checked by experts. These valuable records help build up important data across the county and the UK as a whole.



But the experience doesn't end at the canal.

We have built an interactive quiz system, allowing the team to create educational quizzes perfect for children and families to test their newfound knowledge.
Visitors can also directly share their pictures of the canal’s wildlife on Facebook and Instagram, as well as inviting friends to join them on a Canal Safari.
What’s more, the app registers all of your progress, including quiz results, miles walked on each visit and logged sightings to catapult you from Scout to Adventurer.
All of these fantastic features offer a truly unique and engaging experience for visitors. Providing that something special for families, schools and educational visits.

App Development

The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust - Canal Safari App has been developed for both IOS & Android and is available on the Google Play and Apple Stores.

Core Features

App FeaturesApp Features
Interactive Map
GPS Tracking & Statistics
Wildlife Alerts
Educational Quizes
Social Media Sharing
Bilingual Interface
Invite Friends
i-Record Integration
Camera & Gallery Access
App ManagementApp Management
Page Content Management
User Data & Statistics
User Management
Map Editing & Management
Species List Management
Points of Interest Editing

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