Order Management

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Manage and update your website orders

This area allows you to manage and update all orders that come through your website. When a customer places an order, you will receive an email notification, along with the invoice for the goods/services they have purchased.

To view the orders in your admin area, simply go to "Ecommerce" on your main menu, then select "Manage Orders".


Viewing your orders

You will be taken to a complete list of all orders on your website. From this screen you will see an overview of the customer details and purchase information with the ability to click to edit the order or view/print the relevant invoice.

Manage Orders


Searching your orders

To search and filter your orders, use the tool at the top of the screen. This allows you to filter orders by status, chosen criteria such as ID, name, customer info, and also to arrange results by date.

Orders Search


Viewing the invoice

In the results of your order you have the “View Invoice” icon which, when clicked, will pop open the invoice for you to view. From here you can send the invoice to a chosen destination email, and print to PDF.

View invoice


Editing / updating the order

To edit and update the order, simply click the Edit icon, which will open the order information. From this window you can view all the relevant order details including customer billing and delivery address, contact information, purchased products and any delivery/staff notes.

Manage Order


Updating your order status

Most importantly, from this window you are able to update the order status. You can change the status to dispatched once you have sent out the order. This will trigger an email to your customer to let them know that their items are out for delivery. You have a number of statuses from which to choose, which all have their own associated email template that will be triggered to the customer upon update.


Additional Notes

To learn how to personalise and edit the email templates that are triggered to your customers throughout this process, please visit - Training Department - Email Templates

You can also edit the email address from which your order confirmations are sent to your customer in - Email Settings

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