Product Browsing and Management

Kieran Watman

Managing your product database

In your EOS CMS managing your products couldn't be easier. You can browse, search, view, edit and delete all of your products through one easy to navigate hub.

To get to your product management hub, simply click "Content" on your admin menu and select "Browse Products"

Browsing your product database

When browsing your product listings you will see the product title, the image, whether the product is visible or hidden from site users, the categories it is listed in and the controls for that product.

Search your products

Using the simple keyword search at the top, you can filter your products to find the one you are looking to edit.

Managing Products

From each listing you can click to edit the product information, view the product listing as it appears oon the website or delete the product.

You can click New Entry to create a new product for your website.

What's next?

Your product listings offer a wide variety of important information to your customers. It is important to ensure you complete all of the details for your products. To find out more about editing your products, click below.

Editing Products

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