How to write an effective company overview

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Company Overview examples & key points

Your company overview is a key piece of content that will be used for multiple purposes, both promotional and in-house. It should be short, concise, and descriptive, giving people an insight into who you are, what you do and how you do it. It should communicate what makes you stand out from your competitors and address your core values as a company and a brand.

This important piece of content will be adapted consistently across promotional areas such as your website “about us” page, social media profiles, business directory listings as well as marketing and promotional materials.

Key points to include in your Company Overview

  • It is important to begin with a catchy opening that introduces the reader to who you are and what you do. Your company name, the services that you provide and what you aim to do are essential to clearly define who you are as a company and a brand. You may want to include a brief company history and significant milestones, as well as relevant details such as location and who your services are designed for.

  • Include exactly what it is that makes you stand out amongst your competitors in the industry with your Unique Selling Points, and communicate to the reader your passion for providing these fantastic services.

  • Here you can go into a little more detail about the services and products you provide. You should relate to your customers by identifying the “pain point” or problem that your services are there to provide a solution for. You should also elaborate on what makes your offering the ideal choice for your customers.

Advice for writing your Company Overview

  • Remember, this is a promotional piece of content designed to catch the reader's attention and give them an insight into your company. It should address all the key points in an exciting and way without the reader having to make it through pages of text. Short paragraphs, segmented clearly, easy to digest snippets of information.

  • Keep in mind your target audience when writing your company overview. Keep your content and writing style relevant to them and highly relatable. Think about your brand and business style, and communicate directly with the customer base you are looking to attract.

  • No one wants to read a boring, half-hearted view on a company. Excite and engage your user with passion and infectious enthusiasm for your brand, products, and services.

  • Make sure your company overview is proofread to check for spelling and grammar. Have the members of your team read it over, take on board suggestions, and amend your draft accordingly to formulate the final copy.

Remember, your company overview will be used and adapted across several platforms such as your website and social media, so be sure to keep it clear and malleable to use across different mediums.

Kieran Watman

Kieran Watman

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