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If you have a keen interest in digital media and feel that you can contribute to Watman & Worth Blog and our readers, then why not get in touch. 


Whether you have a great idea for an article about social media or maybe have some useful advice about SEO we would love to hear from you. The most important factor is that you have a genuine passion for your chosen topic.

Benefits for us;

  • We constantly work to ensure our clients and readers have useful information and resources and take pride in harnessing the expertise of industry experts to do this.

  • Lots of our clients are always looking for additional services such as content creators, bloggers, media creators, SEO and Social Media specialists. We aim to be able to provide them with the right contacts whilst we take care of the web design and development.

  • We love to keep up to date ourselves and whilst we have our heads firmly grounded in development, it's nice to take a moment to step and see learn about what else is going on in the world.

Benefits for you;

  • As one of our guest authors we will create an author profile on our website as part of our extended community allowing our reader to browse your information and publications.

  • Each successful publication is fully credited with a direct link to your website or profile. We frequently work with professional content creators as part of our campaigns and there are always new opportunities for talented authors and bloggers to join our extended network.

  • Whilst providing great content to our readers, we also look to provide our clients with useful contacts that can aid their online marketing. We share all of our new publications with our client base and recommend relevant services for their promotions.

Just a few simple rules;

  • Articles should ideally be 1000 words +
  • All submissions are subject to review by our team and edits may be requested prior to publication
  • All content must be 100% your own and unique
  • Articles must be relevant to the chosen subject area
  • We insist on no aggressive poor/linking to your articles
  • Absolutely no keyword stuffing or spam articles will be accepted
  • A link to your author page, profile or website should be provided, along with a profile photo.

How does it work?

Simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your ideas.

Once we have agreed upon the article, just drop it over to us via email along with any relevant images and we will prepare the article for publication.

We request that you provide a full bio and profile photo for your author profile.

Once published we will send you over the direct link so you are able to share with your readers, whilst we share with ours.


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