Understanding Social Media Management

Kieran Watman

A strong social media presence is crucial to the marketing and promotion of most businesses in this digital age. It is important to dedicate the required time and resources to manage your Social Media Campaign in house. No one knows your business as well as you and no one can communicate your business ethos as effectively as you. You should work to establish a solution and schedule which will allow you to manage the day to day running of your campaign whilst learning the practical fundamentals of Social Media Management

How to get started with your social media campaign

You will need to think about which social networking sites are most suitable for your business and which will offer the best engagement with your demographic.  Each of these social networking sites has its individual style and tools to be utilised and each can offer an array of different features to help promote your brand, accelerate and grow your online presence and expand your audience.

Another factor to consider for your social networking business plan is the type of content marketing that will be used to engage your audience. 

You should then establish the framework of your targeted campaign, including the chosen networks, content style and a publication schedule.

What will i gain from a social media campaign?

The ultimate aim of any online promotional campaign is to raise awareness of your brand and company with a primary goal being to direct more traffic to your website. 

With phenomenal numbers of online consumers, social networks are a fantastic resource of potential clients and customers.

When planning your campaign you should keep this goal in mind at all times.

Consider this goal when deciding what types of content to publish, the phrasing of your posts, the nature of the graphics and how best to draw people to your website or generate enquiries direct through social media.

Your business in the spotlight

Time and time again we have seen how ineffective or misguided social media efforts can prove much more costly than the resources dedicated to the campaign itself. It is important to remember that in the social sphere your business is in the spotlight and your reputation is on the line. Be sure to always communicate with your audience effeciately and effectively, responding to public comments, reviews and queries professionally.

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