Bulk Buy Discounts

Kieran Watman

Offer savings to your customers for purchasing more of your product

Your Bulk Buy Discounts allow you to assign fixed or percentage based discounts to individual products, which come into effect based on the quantity of the product that your customers purchase in a single transaction.

The Bulk Buy Discount reduces the cost of the individual item being purchased based on the quanity.


If the original cost is £10.00

Assume a quantity discount of 10% is applied for purchasing 2 or more of an item.

The base cost of the item would be reduced to £9.00

A purchase of 2 items would cost £18.00 rather than £20.00

To edit these settings, go to the product you would like to apply the discounts to, click "Bulk Buy Discounts" in the "Additional" menu and you will be taken to the editing screen.

Bulk Buy Discounts

Editing your Bulk Buy Discounts

First you will need to click to "Add New Band"

This will create a row of information for you to fill in.

Quanity Required

The quantity column is the number of items that needs to be purchased to meet the criteria for the discount to be applied.

For example, if you enter 2, if a user adds 2 or more of the item to the cart they will have the discount applied. If you add a second band and enter 5, if a user adds 5 or more of the item then that will superceed and apply the new discount.


The method selection allows you to define whether the discount is percentage based or a fixed value discount.

Discount Amount

This is the amount that the price of an individual product will be reduced to when the quantity required is met. If you used a percentage based discount method, entering 10 will reduced the single unit product price by 10% of its original cost.

If you use a fixed amount discount, the original cost of a single unit will be reduced by the value entered. So if you enter 5, the individual product cost will be rreduced by £5.00.

You also have the option to delete bands as required.

Here you can see an example of how the Bulk Buy Discounts can display on a product page to inform them and promote sales.


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