Reviews and testimonials management

Kieran Watman

Customer feedback is essential to online success

Your reviews and testimonials feature is a great way to gain important feedback from your customers and website users regarding your products and services. If enabled for your products, blogs, news or collations, your users will be able to submit their 5 star reviews and feedback directly through to you as the admin user for approval and publication to your website.

How do users submit reviews

On your listing page, whether it is a product, a news or blog article or a custom listing type, your developer will have created (if relevant) a Review section in your listing set up.

This will create a button that users can click or an embedded form where users can enter their information, including their name and email. As part of this form they can can enter their review and comments and select a rating out of 5 stars that will get submitted through to you as the admin user. You will be notified by email with the users information and review they have submitted. This will also include a link to the context of where they submitted the review. For example, which product or service.

Leave a review

This is an example of a Review integration on a sample website. Please keep in mind that this can be styled and designed as required in different formats with alternative images and views. This is simply a basic example to demonstrate the features.

In the context of a product page, it can look like this;

Review on a product page

Managing your reviews

Once this has been submitted through to you, you can log in to your admin area and go to "Content" on your main menu and select "Manage" under the reviews column. Here you will see a collated list of all of your reviews.

Review Management

From this review management hub you can tick to accept and authorise publication of each review. You can view all of the associated information including the user that has posted, when and what they have said as well as whether they have actually purchased the product they are reviewing. You also have the option to delete any unwanted reviews.
It is always advised to thank users for taking the time to review. So please be sure to use this information to keep up correspondance with valued customers and engage with them when ever possible.

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