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A successful SEO Campaign is one that is researched, planned and implemented in accordance with search engine guidelines but more importantly with your demographic in mind.

With search engines such as Google and Bing becoming more intuitive and more successful at delivering relevant, useful content to users it is imperative that our digital marketing plan is well rounded, structurally sound and that we optimise our entire online presence, not just our keywords.

The aim of our SEO Campaigns is to offer a complete solution that will strengthen your online presence and search engine rankings for the long run providing a solid foundation using entirely ethical and compliant SEO techniques.

All projects involve an extensive and ongoing diagnosis and review process to track and monitor the requirements of the campaign.  Further to an initial SEO & Website Audit we will determine which of the SEO packages will be best suited for your project. 

Remember when considering an SEO Campaign, the work carried out has a direct and lasting effect on your domain and search engine rankings. Cheap/low quality SEO is always more costly in the long run and often damaging to your business.  Be sure, when discussing your SEO Campaign to ask the right questions and know what answers you should be getting from a good SEO Agency.

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A good SEO campaign should address each of the key areas summarised below;

Set up, Diagnostic & Analysis

Google Rankings

This includes a full SEO and Website Audit to determine and prioritise issues to be addressed. Keyword research, competitor analysis and technical diagnostics are actioned as well as link profile assessment and brand reputation tracking.

Technical Optimisation

This time is dedicated optimising meta data, identifying and rectifying technical issues in website and content structure and most importantly, ensuring all relevant content is accessable to search engines.

Content Optimisation

In conjunction with chosen keywords the purpose of content optimisation is to ensure the relevant signals are present within your content so that both users and search engines understand the focus of the content.

Link Sourcing, Directory Citations & Implementation

Building and maintaining your link profile and web citations with relevant, meaningful references and growing your brand exposure.

Full Report and Audit Updates

Understand the progress and monitor your rankings, improvements and traffic with a full monthly report.

SEO Packages

The time and resources assigned to your project is broken down to address all aspects of your optimisation.  Some projects may require more attention on building a positive link profile (or recovering from a negative one), some may need more diverse keyword analysis or Social Media guidance, others may benefit from an initial focus on technical and content keyword optimisation; This can vary between projects as each business has a unique offering and the campaign must be tailored to generate optimum results.

It may be that you are just starting out and simply looking to strengthen your rankings or it could be that your position in search engines has suffered from Google penalties due to previous poor optimisation techniques.  Whatever your requirements we will advise on the best SEO Package and duration for you.

Our most popular packages are listed here. 

They are priced based on the number of hours per week required to implement and manage your campaign, for the keywords/industry you are looking to rank and compete in. All packages are recommended to run for a 3 - 6 month minimum in order to begin seeing results.

Package 1 - Local / Low Competition

Ranking for 1 - 3 keywords - Approximately 8 hours per week

Cost: £350 p/m

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Package 2 - Medium Competition

Ranking for 4 - 6 keywords - Approximately 16 hours per week

Cost: £695 p/m

Package 3 - High Competition

Ranking for 7 - 9 keywords - Approximately 24 hours per week

Cost: £950 p/m

Package 4

Ranking for 10+ keywords - Approximately 40 hours + per week

Cost: POA

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