SEO Audit and Website Review

SEO Audit

We offer a complete SEO & Website Audit process that will uncover and detail all issues that may be have an impact on your search engine rankings and website performance. 

We recommend an initial consultation to discuss your current status and website performance to allow us to advise if a full audit will be beneficial.

This service will provide you with everything you need to begin making positive changes and improvements to benefit your Search Engine Optimisation.

Step 1 -  Free Summary Review

Before you commit to a full audit, we recommend getting a free review summary to decide if an audit is necessary.

If you would like to arrange for a FREE Website Review we will provide you with a summary of content and technical advice, analyze your website for any important issues and provide you with clear recommendations for how to improve your website rankings.

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Further to your summary review, we will chat to you about our findings and may recommend a full SEO & Website Audit.

Step 2 - A complete SEO & Website Audit including;

Report & Supporting Materials

Each Report is delivered with full diagnostic data and recommended solutions. We will advise you with an action plan and prioritise the issues for you with the most effective and efficient resolutions.

Keyword Rankings & Industry Research

Analysis of up to 20 Keywords and phrases of your choice to obtain your search engine rankings for these keywords, compared with up to 3 of your competitors. We will also conduct targeted research to find and recommended the highest performing keywords, trends and search terms for your business providing you with invaluable guidance to optimising your content.

SEO Review

Technical & Content Diagnostic

Includes everything you will need to optimise and correct any onsite technical and content errors. This includes everything from page titles, duplicate content, broken links and much more.

Content Keyword Analysis

This is an evaluation of your on page content effectiveness and keyword optimisation. Page grades for up to 10 of your most relevant pages in relation to the designated selection of keywords.

Link Profile Analysis

The link profile analysis will give you an insight into the status of the current links to and from your website including the quality and relevance of these important associations. This will also allow you to get an idea for band mentions and opportunities in your industry to improve these signals.

Design & Content Navigation Review

This involves a full review of your website across multiple browsers and devices along with an evaluation of the visitor flow and user experience. We will assess the effectiveness of the content presentation and organisation and provide you with a detailed account of advice and recommendations.

Step 3 - Carrying out the recommended course of action

Following your audit you will be furnished with recommendations and actions to be taken to start building your SEO, Social Media and Website performance in order to improve your rankings and conversions.

Should you require us to carry out the recommended work on the site, the value of the audit will be deducted from the cost of any ongoing SEO Campaign or Technical SEO Quotation.

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