SSL Certificates

Security and piece of mind.

As standard all sites are covered under a server hosted SSL certificate. However, at any point in time you can order individual SSLs for your site.


Global Sign

What is an SSL?

The Domain SSL is a quick issuance SSL Certificate with true 128bit - 256bit strong encryption. Trusted by all browsers and devices, this SSL certificate can be issued within minutes, and without the annoyance of paperwork and administration.

Domain SSL certificates portray to your online users your company’s level of encryption with the display of the “little yellow padlock.” This will appear during ecommerce transactions, web account logins, webmail, network traffic and online services within minutes.

Organisation SSL

The Organisation SSL Certificate is a highly trusted and traditionally vetted strong security SSL Certificate with true 128bit - 256bit encryption. This SSL Certificate will authenticate your online services with unsurpassed levels of authentication, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.

Organisation SSL Certificates are organisation vetted - meaning that website visitors see your vetted company details, enhancing the trust they place in your website, and providing more confidence to do business with you.

Extended Validation SSL

The highest level of SSL certification offered by GlobalSign is the Extended Validation SSL certificate. The EV SSL will turn your user’s address bar green and confirm your company details, along with your Site Seal profile. The Extended Validation SSL Certificate provides enhanced trust, which means enhanced sales, turning browsing visitors into paying customers. As used by Virgin Atlantic, BT Shop, Zurich and more.