Free SEO Guide

This free SEO guide is designed as an introduction to the main topics surrounding Search Engine Optimisation. It is a suitable starting point if you are a business owner or marketing manager looking to understand more about the topic with the intent of engaging in SEO activities.

If you are looking to employ an SEO or Digital Marketing Agency to work on your project this will give you a strong understanding of the factors they should be considering.

SEO is not just Link Building, nor can it succeed entirely with just on site work or creative writing. This will help you to gain a more rounded understanding of the type of work that will need to be done and the diversity of the campaign activities that are essential to success.

The SEO Guide covers the following topics;

What SEO is and what Search Engines are looking for

Keyword Research & The Context of Rankings

Website Design & User Experience

The importance of Quality Content on your website

Understanding Link Building and your Link Profile

Onsite Technical Optimisation

Social Media Signals

Getting Started with SEO


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