EOS Website Development Software & CMS

Our EOS Website Development and Content Management System has been built from the ground up, in house at Watman & Worth Web Ltd to offer unrivalled flexibility for designing, building and managing your website. As developers, EOS enables us to constantly evolve the platform with specialised modules to accommodate all and any website project. From showcase brochure websites and ecommerce online stores through to custom software builds we can furnish your business with the tools to thrive online.

Through years of ongoing development EOS has been the key tool in the production of platforms for E-Learning Software, Social Networking Platforms, Enterprise Level Ecommerce Websites, Trade and Distributor Sytems as well as Eductional Assessment and Tracking Software. We have an extensive portfolio of websites showcasing key features of the functionality and design flexibility of the EOS Content Management System including Price Matrix Integration, Instant Quote Engines for products and services, media suites and much more.


EOS for your Website

Stepping away from the limitations of template building systems, our EOS Website Software allows for complete control of your website design, layout and content management through one easy to use portal, with complete access to all of your website tools and features. As your developer we have the freedom and flexibility to design and create the perfect website for you, build in all of the tools and features you need and allow you unparalleled control over your content and online presence.

As a website owner you have the ability to add unlimited custom pages, products, news and blogs, all completely editable via your admin area. Make updates in real time with no need to download or install any software. EOS is completely browser based, allowing you to manage your website from anywhere at any time.

Perfect for;

Brochure websites


Bespoke developments

EOS is;

Easy to use

Highly flexible

Reliable & secure

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EOS Admin Dashboard

EOS Features Overview

Let's take a moment to look over some of the key features of the EOS Content Management System. Here you will find a break down of the tools and benefits of EOS. The complete specifications are available should you wish to view the complete scope of the platform in more detail. We also provide a complete set of training materials and resources to guide you through the process of managing and maintaining your website.

Content Management Features

Utilise features to make dynamic and interactive content pages. Our unique Collation Module allows you to create and manage unlimited categorised content types, tailoring the features and display of these pages to best communicate the content to your audience.

The scope of this tool is endless and can be used to create;

  • Information Pages
  • Products
  • News Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Service Showcases
  • Directory Listings
  • Client Portfolios
  • Help, Support and Training Indexes
  • Display Galleries

This is to name just a few potential uses for your EOS Content Collations. The only limit for this feature is your imagination, giving you complete control of the required content for your website. Each collection of listings and pages can be completely categorised and can be searched and filtered by users on your website.

Your content types can be furnished with and number of interactive and display features;

  • Interactive forms (with email templates auto-responders)
  • Image galleries
  • Media players
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Customer Q&A submissions and publication tools
  • Content Access Controls to limit visibility to registered users or groups
  • File attachments and downloads
  • Live chat & Forums

You can view a complete breakdown of the core EOS CMS Features in our specifications section.

View EOS CMS Features

SEO Features

SEO and Content Optimisation is key to effectively ranking in Search Engines. Getting your website found and securing strong relevant traffic is vital to achieving a successful online presence.

EOS has been developed with a comprehensive SEO suite, allowing you to completely optimize your content for search engines to assist with improving rankings and increasing traffic to your website.

With an integrated SEO core your website benefits from automatic optimisation, with the added ability for you to override and tailor all of your content SEO to best communicate your pages to search engines.

SEO Tools

Integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console to effectively monitor and manage your website traffic.

Manage your page title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, indexing priorities, crawl access, sitemaps, image alt tags, website redirects, rich data formatting and much more.

Utilise a comprehensive Meta Template Manger to create defaults and fallbacks to ensure every page on your website commincates relevance to both search engines and end users.

If you would like to view the full SEO specification please click below.

View Complete SEO Features

Ecommerce Features

EOS is host to an extensive range of ecommerce facilities that allow you to efficiently manage purchasable products and services on your website. We have also integrated a series of supporting ecommerce features to ensure you can effectively grow and promote your online store.

A selection of product tools are;

  • Product categorisation and listing views
  • Product attributes
  • Customer reviews and star ratings
  • Selectable product options
  • Product stock control and management
  • Bulk Buy discounts
  • Product Q&A facility
  • Product images, viewing galleries and image zoom
  • Favourites & Wish list
  • Google Base Feed
  • VAT setting controls
  • Related and recommended products

Additional ecommerce features include;

  • Summary basket/cart
  • Secure Checkout Process
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Discount Codes (site wide, specific categories or products)
  • Shipping and delivery management
  • Order Management
  • Automated customer correspondance emails for purchase process
  • Automated customisable invoicing
  • Order and stock reporting
  • Product review management
  • Currency Conveter
  • Customer management system

These are just a selection of the fantastic ecommerce wesbite tools. You can view a more extensive breakdown by clicking below

View EOS Ecommerce Features

Additional Website Management Features

The EOS Platform also benefits from an extensive range of admin and front end tools design to give more flexibility and control over your website. Some tools and features are more applicable for ecommerce or specialised websites, however can be applied across a wide variety of industries and business types.

Additional admin features;

  • User and customer management
  • Bulk CSV import/export facility
  • Site search insights and reporting
  • Granular admin permissions
  • Admin menu personalisation
  • Admin activity logs
  • IP watchlist controls
  • Holding page feature
  • Content access controls
  • Newletter data downloads
  • Form data reports
  • Onboard CRM

Additional website tools;

  • Smart search
  • Advanced site search and filters
  • Postcode look up search
  • Customisable website menus
  • Newsletter sign up
  • User login and registrations
  • Registered user account areas with customer order history, favourites and data management
  • Live chat facility
  • Image scollers and banner management
  • Social Media intergrations
  • Site logo and Favicon settings

You can view a more extensive breakdown and explanation of the EOS Core Features by clicking below.

View EOS CMS Features

Specialised Features & Custom Modules

As we contunually develop the EOS platform we introduce new features and modules which can be used to enhance and tailor websites for all purposes.

The fluid modular nature of the EOS Platform allows us to create specific modules and functions which can be added to your website for any needs and requirements you may have.


A selection of these features include;

  • Product price matrix grids
  • Instant Service Quotation Tools
  • Trade & Wholesale Ecommerce Facilities
  • Online Service Calculators
  • E-Learning Facilities
  • Website Member Subscriptions
  • Credit Accounts
  • Integrated 3rd Party Price Feeds
  • Booking Systems
  • Process Journey Trackers

If you have a specific coding requirement for your website that you dont see, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Design & Development Tools

The EOS Website Software is a developers dream. Whether you are a designer, integrator or developer, the platform offers a whole layout and design suite allowing you to contruct any website professionally.

We utilise a simple to use layout manager, alowing you to structure the HTML layout of the website with a combination of drag and drop layout cells and components. With full control of colour schemes, CSS, and the fluid layout designer there is no end to the possibilities.

Design and Development Tools Include;

  • Website layout manager
  • Custom CSS
  • Colour and theme controls
  • Logo and Favicon control
  • Product, News, Blog, Directory custom layouts
  • Alternative and secondary layout managers
  • Admin structure and layout control
  • Font manager
  • Customise checkout, cart and user account pages

Design and Dvelopment

EOS for Developers

As well as designing and developing our own client websites on EOS, we also proud to offer Partner Accounts for designers and developers to use EOS for their own projects. Giving them the freedom to create, design and develop their own client websites with our ongoing help and support.

View our PortfolioEOS for Developers