Branding & Graphic Design

Our design skills are not limited to the screen. Our graphic designers are experienced in a variety of print media types and are meticulous when it comes to representing your brand and business message.  Our graphic design team are based right here in Shrewsbury and take a collaborative approach to each project to ensure the highest quality results. If you are looking to refresh your company image or even to establish your brand from the ground up we provide a comprehensive service beginning with research and initial concepts through to the final products which include;


Logo design and corporate branding

At the core of your business is your brand recognition.  Your logo design and branding is essential to your on and offline business reputation and presentation. This is how your customers will recognise you and identify with you so it is crucial to get this right.  

The style must be right for your industry, the right message must translate to your customers when considering everything from font and colour schemes to iconography and tag lines.


Business cards, letterheads and comp slips

Communication with your clients and customers will be a substantial tool when it comes to building your reputation and brand recognition. 

Your stationary must be consistent with your branding and deliver a clear message to your clientele.

Email signatures and e-newsletter design

Electronic communication has never been so significant and so it goes without saying that a well structured and branded signature and newsletter design is a must. The graphic design is just as important as the optimisation of your correspondence.  The correct html implementation is crucial to ensure that your message is compatible across all email clients and received with consistency.

Brochures, flyers and promotional materials

Promotional flyers and brochures can be a fantastic tool for your business. If correctly produced you will engage your customers and deliver exciting offers and news.  It is key to attract their attention and gain their interest. You must offer an accurate reflection of your services and a clear showcase of your message and product.


Website banner creation

Whether it be for a special offer or a seasonal promotion you might like to add some specific artwork to your website to engage your customers or showcase new products and services. Website banner packs are a great way to highlight key messages on your website and promote your business. It is important that these effective marketing tools are kept inline with your existing branding.

Product packaging and branded labels

The presentation of your core product must be handled with your industry and business in mind. The design must accommodate more than your branding alone as you will need to deliver important details and communicate information to your customers.  Consistency and relevance is key and so your product packaging design should be well researched and tested within your target demographic.

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