Holding page settings

Learn how to enable and customise your website holding page during maintenance periods or development.


Down for maintainance? Or under construction?

Your website holding page is for use when your website is in development or needs to be taken offline for maintenance. Enabling your holding page will put up a single page (customisable via your admin area) that will display, preventing users from reaching any other page on your website.

The holding page also prevents search engines such as Google and Bing from crawling and indexing your website, so any changes or updates you make will not be indexed whilst the holding page is enabled.

To access your website Holding Page go to your admin main menu;

  • Click "Settings"
  • Look under the "System Settings" tab
  • Select "Holding Page"
EOS Holding Page Settings

When editing the content of your holding page, be sure to add clear information about how users should contact you and a reason for why your site cannot currently be reached. It is also advisable, where possible to indicate when your website is expected to be back online.

When your holding page is enabled, you will still be able to view your website as the administrator, allowing you to make updates as required. Simply log in to your admin area and click the "View Website" button in your admin menu.

Developer notes for the website holding page.

Developers should always have the holding page enabled when constructing the website, especially when on the staging server. This will ensure that undeveloped, emprty or unfinished pages will not be indexed in Google and other search engines.

It is critical to have the Holding Page enabled during development.

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