Company information set up

Be sure to set up the correct company contact and location information on your website to ensure your website viewers are able to get in touch with you correctly and your details are accurately listed for Google and other search engines.


Always be sure that the company, contact and location information are correct on your website.

Your company information section is where you will complete the contact, location and social media information for your website. This is important to ensure that your website displays the correct information for your users and search engines such as Google and Bing.

Update your company information

To update your company information, first go to the "Settings" tab of your admin area. From the slide out tab, look under "General Settings" and click "Company Info". This will take you to the editing screen.

Update your EOS website Company Info

Fill in the company name, address, contact information and social media links. Once filled in, these will display in the appropriate locations on your website, depending on the layout constructed by your developer, These may include locations such as your contact page, website header or footer, basket or checkout pages to mention a few. This information, including the Company Redistration Number and VAT number can also be added to your invoice layout for ecommerce websites.

Company information display

Here is an example of a contact page where the company information is being displayed.

Watman and Worth Contact Page - Company Information Display

Please note;

This information will only display where your developer has added the layout component to in your design. If you write company information into free text areas such as page content, descriiptions or summarys, these will need to be manually updated in the instance of detail changes.

Developer Notes for Company Information;

For this feature to be used correctly, it is important for developers to add the Company Info component correctly into the relevant parts of the website layouts, sublayouts and pages. The information will only update where the components are added into the layouts. To find out more about the Company Info component click below.

Company Information Component

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