ETD Training

Online Training Portal Website

ETD Training provide online training courses and e-learning facilities. This specialist website showcases 100's of online courses and allows for quick and easy online purchase via a secure checkout process.

The website, developed on our EOS website content management system, is furnished with image galleries, a news reel and custom page and product editing suite.

Training Courses are quick and easy to find via a smart search.The website design is a modern, clean style to highlight the professional services offered by ETD Training.

Users can purchase and proceed with their courses online, watching media content, answering questions with real time feedback, downloading and printing certificates.

The EOS website software allows for 3rd party white label websites to utilise the course structures, branding websites for individual companies to offer the portal training to their own inhouse staff. Tiered user accounts allow top level distributors and companies to purchase credits and courses to assign to sub users and monitor progress of their deligates.

Each user has their own account and dashboard to easiliy navigate their courses and materials.

The website is fully responsive and optimised for mobile and tablet devices to deliver the best possible user experience across all devices, platforms and browsers.

Online Training

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