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Social Media ServicesSocial Networking and Social Media Optimisation are now integral parts of raising brand awareness and connecting your business with an essential and diverse client base.

Both we and the industry as a whole see Social Media as an intrinsic part of successful marketing strategies and the use of Social Media is already a substantial influence on Search Engines such as Google and Bing. This makes the practice of social and content marketing a vital cog within any SEO Campaign

How do I get started with Social Media? 

Firstly you get in touch with an agency that offers a specialisation in Social Media Marketing.  There are a great deal of self proclaimed "Social Media Gurus" and "Social Networking Experts" that will profess to have all the answers and be able to run your campaign.  Be cautious...

Used correctly the social sphere can greatly boost your online presence, enhance lead generation and add a whole new level of communication to your demographic.

Used incorrectly the viral and transparent nature of the social landscape can lead to less desirable results.  Remember, this is your business in the spot light.  Let's get it right.

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Why should Watman & Worth be at the top of your call list? 

Well... funny you should ask (moderate trumpet blowing ensues)

The reasons that make us unique and more importantly, qualified to consult regarding Social Media are summarised below.  These reasons should raise a number of valid questions to ask a social media agency when talking about your strategy and campaign.

Plain, honest English, albeit a little geeky

First of all we will not try and baffle you with technical jargon, sell you on false promises of instant online success or lead you to believe that simply having a Facebook page will get you to the 1 page of Google.  As with anything developing, managing and maintaining an effective online presence takes time, hard work and a great deal of market research and understanding.

Tried, tested and recognised

Our expertise in this area is demonstrated by the fact that we have been approached, invited and approved as the Social Media Training Company for the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

Social Media IconsHaving been recognised as industry leaders in the Social Media field we have presented alongside both Facebook and Google as part of the Shropshire Marketing Exchange and their Social Media for Business program.  We also regularly host and guest speak at discussion lead seminars to further the understanding and awareness of Social Media and its benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Making it work for you

Our team do not simply follow the crowd churning out the same old same old, but use boundless creative energy to keep one step ahead of the crowd, ensuring that all businesses that we work with get the maximum exposure and most importantly engagement with their core demographic.  

We have worked with many companies delivering effective results from sole traders and partnerships right through to internationally recognized, well-established and financially sound companies, providing training and practical advice so they can run their own campaigns with our support and guidance.

Our aim is to ensure that your business fully benefits from everything the world of Social Media has to offer.  You need to be confident in the presentation of your business in the social spotlight whilst maintaining your own unique online personality.

To achieve this goal we offer a range of services including everything from one off Profile Creation and Optimisation to ongoing training and support or even fully managed Social Media Campaigns.

But please don’t just take our word for it. 

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