Digital Marketing Training Courses

We have an extensive range of high quality distance learning courses available including everything from web design and photoshop tutorials to social media and seo practice. Each course is carefully researched, crafted and updated by our team of industry professionals based right here in Shrewsbury.  The knowledge and materials you will receive comes from scrupulous research, hands on experience and unparalleled passion for the industry subjects.

How can i do the training?

Our training options come in a number of forms to suit your needs.  Some clients benefit from working through the course chapters at their own pace, utilising telephone support as and when required.  Others require a number of delegates to attend the training courses and so book a visit to their premises for a discussion lead seminar or lecture.  Many of our clients even like to come and see us at our studio in Shrewsbury for some face to face tutor time.

SEO Training Courses
SEO Training Courses
Social Media Training Courses
Social Media Training Courses

More about our distance learning courses

Our popular distance learning courses are a great way to learn the subject at your own pace, working through our series of in depth chapters and resources.  Online guided tuition takes you through each of the chapter modules with step by step resources, videos and best practice and application advice.

As well as telephone support you will also have access to our training forums which are constantly monitored by our team of in house tutors so that you can ask direct questions and discuss with other users.

You will be assigned a personal tutor who will be your guide and support through out the modules. Each chapter of the training includes a progress review that is assessed by our team and constructive feedback and guidance is provided at every stage.  All reviews and assessments are conducted in the context of your industry with the focus being your business, not the tools themselves.

The benefit of training with Watman & Worth is that your skills and progress is monitored and assessed by industry professionals with daily hands on experience and an in-depth understanding of not just the subject, but it's place in the online world and in your business.

What is direct tutor time and what is included?

Each of the distance learning training courses come with a built in tutorial package which gives you a set number of hours for direct tutor consultation.  This means telephone, face to face or video call with your tutor.  The tutor time is to introduce you to the subject and act as your scaffold through the course. They will explain written feedback provided during your assessments and discuss progress and improvements (These hours are scalable depending on the level of support you require)

The stand alone distance learning courses come with 3 hours direct tutor time and additional hours can be added to the package as required. We will advise you on the most beneficial points in the training to utilise your tutor time, however, you can allocate them as you prefer.

The most popular allocation of tutor time is;

30 mins Introduction to the course, chapters and your tutor

60 mins Midway through the course for progress review

30 mins Prior to final assessment for preparation and advice

60 mins Debrief after final assessment

We generally find that the 3 hours tutor time along with forum membership and regular assessment is more than enough for you to complete the course with full understanding and confidence, however, additional time may be requested at any point or as part of ongoing support after training.

You may like some additional guidance and support at more regular intervals in the training or just feel more comfortable with longer tutorial sessions.  You may want to allocate time to discuss the planning or application of your marketing strategy or even require hands on assistance with content curation or research.  Either way, we are here at your disposal so utilise us as part of your team and strategy.

Training in Shrewsbury

If you would like to use some, or all of your tutor time here with us at our offices in Shrewsbury we can happily accommodate you (and additional delegates if required) for some face to face tutor time.

Onsite training at your premises

If you have a number of delegates or are looking to introduce the practices into a particular department we can arrange for a visit to your premises for onsite training seminars and lectures. We will agree with you the set agenda for the day and the modules/chapters to be addressed.  There will also be time allocated to hands on practical tutorial and Q & A opportunities.

The bonus of ongoing training

Another unique feature of our course structure is that you have the option of having access to your chosen course and resources for as long as you would like them.  Once your course is complete you will have your final assessment, review and receive your Official Watman & Worth Graduate Diploma and authenticated website badge to show your users that they are in good company ;o)

After this point, if you would like to keep your training subscription open you will maintain access to regular updates and new information to help with your ongoing learning.  We regularly update our traning chapters with new content, additional lessons and even whole new chapters which with an ongoing subscription, you will have access to.

So what's next? Either browse our selection of available training courses or place an enquiry with our team.


Social Media Training Courses
Social Media Training Courses
SEO Training Courses
SEO Training Courses